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Bear Cables
05-26-2008, 13:23
One of my favorite trail memories involves the mentoring of teenage girls in our BSA Venture Crew while preparing them for their first mountian backpacking trip. They were all new to backpacking and some to camping as well. After the discussion on hygine and cat holes etc. I thought they would say never mind. But they didn't. We went on our first shakedown hike. At the end of the day we would do a reflection called Thorns and Roses. The thorns are the stuggles of the day and the roses are the best parts of the day. That night two of the girls said their thorn was having to pee in the woods. They also said their rose was...peeing in the woods! I loved that it was their struggle that became their best moment. Isn't that just like life?:sun

Does anyone else have a favorite mentor moment?

05-26-2008, 14:11
Good stuff