View Full Version : frye brooke

05-27-2008, 19:06
has anyone hiked the fry brook notch trail near andover maine?

05-28-2008, 13:20
Yes, its a nice little dayhike on a hot day in the summer. The AT used to run through it and there was a shelter in there long ago. The old AT is still unofficially maintained up to the intersection of the AT (there is a sign at the junction). Its about the fastest way to climb the Baldpates. To follow the old AT just follow the logging road along the brook. The blazing was minimal at best but the trail bed is pretty obvious. There is a Maine public Reserve Land sign at the entrance to the area on the East B hill road.

The gorge is sort of a small version of gulf hagas (or the Flume in NH). Lots of nice waterfalls and deep pools with an open hemlock grove alongside for camping. There was an outhouse a few years ago. The areas does get some use by the party crowd so dont expect it to be empty but worth a trip. I would probably wait until later in the season and plan on doing some soaking in the stream. Good place to bring someone who doesnt hike often.

One caveat is that sections of the brook have very steep banks, there are some handrails in spots but keep control of children as they could very easiliy fall in.