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05-28-2008, 13:50
Well, actually I'm remodeling the Cabela's Big Horn II vestibule, two of them. The plan is to break out the ole seam ripper and take em apart at the point where the main body of the vestibule attaches to the tent pole. The problem with the vestibule is it's angled doorway, to open from the inside, an old guy like me has to bend down and lean forward, waaayyy forward, would much rather have a verticle dorrway. By sewing two of these vestibules together, I still can attach it to my Big Horn II, and will have another room, after I sew in a floor, and a new doorway. Here is a photo of the interior, marked B, C, and D. B and C will be removed from D ( the main body ) not shown is A, a mirror image of C. A and C when sewn together will make the new door.


One of the first question I have for all of you knowledgeable folks ( and there will be lots of questions ) is how do I take the shock-corded pole set apart? I managed to get one of the shock cord anchors out of the short end of a pole section, here's what that looks like.

If I can get the pole set apart, I can make a new set ( I need a different shape ) out of the extra pole set I have. Failing that, got any links to where I can get materials to make a new pole set? I also need links to suppliers of material for the floor. Think you can help me out? Thanks.

05-28-2008, 18:58
You may want to get this moved to the Homeade gear forum. Might get more responses there.

05-28-2008, 19:52
Not trying to be flip.

Try a loop on the zipper pull, that you can hook with something and pull.

Try long string, anything before you start carving.