View Full Version : thru hiking with a vapor ki?

05-28-2008, 22:28
After a recent 5 day outing I've seen the light. I've switched out my Osprey Ariel which weighs in at well over 4 pounds to a 2 pound, 2 oz. Vapor Ki. It's a tad smaller (at 3600 ci) than the Ariel and also is meant for much smaller loads (that being the goal) but I'm willing to give it a go, especially since it felt so good on my back in the store. Thoughts and/or experiences on thru hiking with a vapor ki? I'm planning to go southbound next year. Thanks :)

Uncle Tom
06-02-2008, 13:51
My wife, Auntie Mame has been packing a Mountainsmith from GA-->Va. She just had me send her a Vapor Ki, which she said was painful to wear, even after three hours. No metal stays, shoulders ached, back sore. She willingly ditched the Ki for the heavier Moutainsmith after 3 days. These packs do unexpected things when you actually wear them. The Vapor Ki is considered an ultra light, which has drawbacks and compromises to keep the weight down. I suspect the only way a Vapor Ki would work is if you got your weight down below 20#, which is real sparse.