View Full Version : quest for new shoes

05-31-2008, 00:13
so my old TNF's are about to bite the dust. i'll give them another month. so i've begun the search for a new pair of trail runners. i had the 103gtx's and LOVED em, but i've heard so much badness about their new gear i'm afraid to stick w/ em. so i'm really looking into picking up a pair of nikes - in fact, they're all i wear in sneakers and cleats for football - they fit my foot perfectly right out of the box. finding reviews and info on nike's trail runners has proved difficult and i'm wondering if any of you have experience w/ any of them.

i'm still out on goretex vs not. the pair i have now are goretex and they do a very good job of keeping my feet dry from the outside in, but don't do particularly well of keeping em dry from the inside out - as i'm sure you all know...

05-31-2008, 14:02
well i picked up a pair of nikes. as usual they fit my foot perfectly out of the box and require absolutely no break in period for me. breathability feels good on a quick walk around the yard and the tread feels grippy on the wet grass after a rain. i walked through a big rock pile and felt no jabs through the treads despite purposefully stepping on edges. this is the model i picked up, but for $40 :D


i will update this after some usage, seeing as how there aren't any reviews on nikes here...