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02-14-2004, 12:53
Hello, I am new here and I am about to purchase a HH hammock. Doing my research has shone keeping warm can be a bit of a challenge. It seems an underquilt is quite the popular remedy. Are there others?
I've seen some down underquilts and heard of people using windshiel reflectors and was wondering if anyone has attempted to combine the two (well sort of). Would making a down underquilt with aluminized tyvek (somewhere in the design) be beneficial? Has anyone tried this? potential problems?

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papa john
02-14-2004, 19:20
There are tons of research on the topic. Start here: http://www.imrisk.com

02-15-2004, 10:30
I found Sgt. Rocks studies to be very informative.
http://hikinghq.net/gear/hennessey_assym_hammock2.html#Tip 4

02-17-2004, 12:59
I've been experimenting with pads and an underquilt for the past month. I modified a Golite Feather-Lite bag into an under quilt, and it is the best thing since sliced bread! It weighs 16oz, attaches easily, and has kept me toasty, yes toasty and comfortable down to 13*. It has between 2 1/2 & 3" loft.
WM megalite, turned into a 18 oz quilt used on top. Pads will work, but my experience with pads is that they are alot of bulk and unless you have a pocket on the bottom, they are, shall I say, "a challenge to keep under the body". Good luck!

02-17-2004, 13:53
Thanks for the responses. I guess to clarify, I was wondering if anyone had made a down underquilt with aluminized tyvek instead of a nylon shell. If so, is there a benefit of extra weight (albeit minor) of tyvek over the nylon?
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02-18-2004, 17:38
Nylon is probably easier to work with than tyvek. Tyvek is also breathable. Why not try 1.4 oz. sil nylon aluminized? This is used as vapor barrier material by warmlite in their tents and sleeping bags. One reason, of course, not to use it -- warmlite sells it @ $25 per yd.! aluminized nylon (http://www.warmlite.com)