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10-10-2002, 06:01
To me, Monson, Me. is a neat little village with a beautiful pond (lake in the South) And Shaw s Boarding House is one of my favorite places. Located on a side street, not far from the P.O. Shaw s has several homes converted to a bunk room, private rooms, and apartments. all with sheets and towels. I paid $18 for the bunk room. Everything is real clean. Keith and Pat Shaw are great people. They made this Southerner feel at home. The meals are Family style AYCE. Do not miss Breakfast and Keith s famous 3x and 4x servings. I had T-Bone steak for Dinner my last night. Meals run $5 to $10. Keith will shuttle you to re supply to another town. If you want to play horseshoes or just sit on the lawn, and drink a beer, Keith will accomodate.During Hiking season, Keith is usually waiting at the Trail Head on Me.15 in his pick up truck to take you to Monson, if not it is an easy hitch.I really enjoyed my stay there. There are also other good choices in the area.

Trail Yeti
10-10-2002, 13:44
I had a great stay at Shaw's. Both Keith and his father are super nice. The food is exactly what you want and need...all you can eat...homecooked! I hadn't eaten like that since I went home for a couple of days in Hot Springs.
Both Keith and Mr Shaw make runs up to both trailheads to pick up hikers to carry you into town regardless of where you stay. They will also give you a ride back...they even did this to hikers that just came in to hang out, resupply and then move on...w/out staying anywhere in town.
Definately one of my top 5 stays on the trail.
one piece of advice, don't mention the pie lady around Mr Shaw....

10-10-2002, 14:54
Hey Yeti,

You mentioned Shaw's as one of your top 5 stays....what are the other 4?????

Trail Yeti
10-10-2002, 16:15
I started another thread for me and others to list their Top 5 favorite hostels.

10-10-2002, 16:39
Shaws has become a trail institution. They are as much of the trail as anyone. Definately a must stop if there ever was one. They have been written up in magazines like Yankee and Down East. There picture appears in many books about the trail.

Don't forget about Pat also.

Hammock Hanger
10-11-2002, 16:46
We stayed at Shaw's as a family when we were hiking the 100 mile wilderness about 10 years ago. Keith picked us up at the Bangor Airport. (The drive back to the hostel scared the **** out of me!! Amazing how he can drive while looking at you in the backseat.)

The FOOD!!! Whatever you do never go to Shaw's full. There is a fabulous feast just about every night and breakfast!!!

It is truly one of the AT Icons worth experiencing. :D

Hammock Hanger

10-20-2003, 19:06
Love Shaw's. Incredible people and a wonderful place. But a recommendation -- don't ask for Work for Stay if they're about to slaughter the cow.