View Full Version : Bladder for Arc'Teryx Bora 80

02-15-2004, 13:08
Can anyone recommend a good water bladder for an Arc'Teryx Bora 80 pack? I'm sure I have my choice of good ones that will work, but any that fit the built-in pocket in the pack? Thanks.

02-15-2004, 15:50
I no longer own a Bora 80 (sold it a couple months ago). Assuming yours has the same bladder pouch I had in mine, I was able to use any of the "tall-n-narrow" style bladders. Including the Hoser 2 and Hoser 3 from Platypus and the 3L Unbottle (with the outer cover removed) from Camelbak. Though the later was a tight fit as it is a bit wider than the ones from Platypus.

You will NOT be able to use the larger more square shaped bladders from Ultimate, Nalgene or MSR.

02-15-2004, 17:19
I myself do not carry the Bora80 but my wife did on her AT hike in 2001. She used the 100 oz Camel Back bladder and it fit well in to the Bora80 sleeve.

02-16-2004, 09:34
MSR Cloudliner, the 2 L one, tall n narrow. slips right in.