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02-15-2004, 15:18
Is camping in Mass. restricted to only established sites or can you go
"off trail"

02-15-2004, 17:34
Camping In Massachusetts State Parks and Forest is restricted to Shelter and or tent sites. However the trail is not entirely within the boundaries of these entities as it passes thru Massachusetts.

02-15-2004, 18:47
Actually, camping is restricted to designated campsites and shelters along the AT throughout the state of Massachusetts. Fires are allowed in firerings at the designated sites. I'm a trail maintainer in Mass., coordinator of maintainers for the central 30 miles, and a member of the Mass. AT Management Committee. So I do know the official regs.

02-17-2004, 12:07
Hey Deb, I was at the meeting at Greylock this year, I thought they said the restrictions for camping only applied to State owned property? Like state parks and forest. Thanx for clearing that up.

02-17-2004, 13:19
Following is from Massachusetts DRC regulations Camping Regulations on Appalachian Trail Lands .

(a) No person shall erect any structure other than camping equipment which shall be allowed only in designated or dispersed camping zones on the A.T.L.

(b) No person shall camp on any A.T.L. except those indicated as shelter areas, designated campsites, and dispersed camping zones.

(c) No person shall kindle, build, maintain, or use a fire other than at shelters or designated campsites, except that portable stoves, using gasoline or other manufactured fuels, may be used.

(d) Persons shall use sanitary and toilet facilities when available. If not available, the disposal of human wastes shall be at least 100 yards away from a shelter, tenting area and water supplies.

(e) No person shall allow his/her campsite to become or remain in an unclean, unsanitary, or unsightly condition during their period of occupancy. All materials carried in must be carried out.

(f) No more than 12 persons shall occupy one campsite area.

(g) The duration of occupancy of any campsite by a person will be limited to two nights except in cases of sickness or emergency.

(h) No person shall cut standing trees, branches, or bushes for any reason. Firewood can be obtained only from fallen material.

(i) No person shall camp within 200 feet of a water supply of the A.T.

(j) No person shall operate or use any audio device, including radio, television, or musical instruments, and other noise producing devices in such a manner or at such times so as to disturb other persons.

(l) No person shall in any manner, deface, displace, or remove or tamper with any Appalachian Trail buildings, bridges, tables, benches, fireplaces, water sources, signs, boundary markers, or other public structures and equipment.

(m) No person shall camp where it would be necessary to do any digging up of rocks, soil, humus, or the ground cover that is present.