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06-09-2008, 21:03
What's the water situation in the area btwn. Old Rag and the AT in the SNP? My book says there is a water supply at one of the day shelters on the far side of Old Rag from the parking area, and there appears to be a creek near the AT, but what about on the Old Rag Fire Road? I want to walk up that toward the AT and camp somewhere along the way, then walk up to the AT and then part way down White Oak Canyon the next day, which I believe follows a creek down the mountain. Thanks for any advice!

06-10-2008, 08:03
as I vaguely remember the Old Rag fireroad has at least one spring along the right side the road maybe half way up toward the turnoff for White Oak Canyon. If that spring is dry then there is the spring for the White Oak Ranger station - just past the station there is an old road/horse trail that leads to the right - about 0.2 up that trail there is a spring used for the ranger station and the over flow from the box is available for use. There is also a side trail that lead to water after a bit - unfortunately I can't remember its name at this time but I remember camping there a few years ago and it was not far from the fireroad.