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SGT Rock
09-03-2002, 21:37
Pearsiburg has everything you could want. Stores, resturaunts, hotels, hostels, hardware stores, shoe stores, post office, etc.

One thing I think I should mention is the Holy Family Hostel. I was hiking southbound to Pearisburg and there were a lot of younger thru-hikes talking about what a jerk Bill (the hostel keeper) was, and how he treated them like a drill sergeant, ran early trail shuttles so they couldn't make it out with a ride, kept on them about alcohol, etc. But when I go there Bill turned out to be a great guy doing hard work for the hikers. All he expected was obeying the church rules (no alcohol), some sort of donation, and a little help cleaning up. He ran shuttles but wasn't a taxi for thru-hikers at any time they wanted. So if you hear something bad about Bill or the Hostel, take it with a grain of salt, the guy is a trail angel IMHO, but he isn't your mother.

I just hope the thoughtless hikers don't screw it up for the rest of us. It would be a shame if the hostel clos

Hammock Hanger
09-04-2002, 18:29
I have stayed at this hostel many many times. I used it when I was sectioning with Bills help as a shuttle and I used it to wait for my husband to rescue me when I was hurt during my thru hike.

I personally support this hostel every year, as I think they are great. However, the hostel just wouldn't be the hostel without Bill G. HE is a wonderful man. Yes he is X-army. He is also in his late 70's and works his tail off for that shelter and the hikers that stay there.

He shuttles, builds, cleans, helps out hikers, etc...

NOTE: One night while I was there the hostel was full to capacity and there must have been at least 9 tents. I was staying there another day with another injured hiker. Bill came in after everyone else had left. When he opened the DONATION BOX, there was $20., two tens,mine and the other guy there. So where were the donations from all of the other hikers that had stayed there the night before???? :mad: WHo do you think supplies the electricity, water, heat, soap, TP, etc. :confused:

Remember to leave a donation no matter how small at all hostels.


09-05-2002, 07:17
You know, some thru-hikers out there just don't get it. That's all I can say about some of the situations mentioned above.

Many (most?) hostels are run by generousity on the part of an individual or group. We are (or should be) very grateful to these individuals.

Myself, when staying at a non-profit hostel always tried to leave twice the suggested donation.

Maybe some other replies will prompt continued messages on this thread.

12-12-2002, 02:08
Many thru-hikers do not leave anything at any hostels. I was looking in Wingfoot's book before I left for New Zealand and was surprised with how many hostels have closed or are no longer due to hiker abuse. The Pearisburg hostel days, like many others, are probably numbered. The best thing we all can do is approach people when they skip outta paying donations, let them know we're pissed, and humiliate them. If you skip outta donations you are a scumbag...plain and simple. And the most pathetic part is the same idiot who skips out on a donation has no problem blowing $30 in a bar the next day. Pay the damn $5-15 or go stay at a hotel.

Lone Wolf
12-12-2002, 08:04
"The Place" in Damascus is another hostel that is used and abused. There are SIMPLE rules for staying there. Mainly no alcohol or drugs, no dogs on property, 2 night stay, and a $4.00 donation. Last year there was a jerk camped on the porch with a dog(directly under a NO DOGS sign) for 4 days with empty beer cans next to him and I highly doubt he put a dime in the box. I had him booted out. MOST hikers follow the rules but the % of those who don't are increasing. The Methodist church that owns it has taken notice.

Jack Tarlin
12-13-2002, 18:12
The Rendezvous Motel, directly on the Trailhead, is EXTREMELY hiker friendly; I always stay there. And while it's a bit of a walk from there to the center of town, the motel is within walking distance of a supermarket and the only real liquor store directly on the Trail (!!) The motel acccepts maildrops, and maybe dogs if you call ahead of time; ask for Brenda, the very friendly owner.

12-13-2002, 22:45
I also would recommend the Rendevous. I found Brenda to be very helpful and also enjoyed the "colorful" language she uses. Guess that helps her relate to hikers!:)
PS Jack: did you ever get your packages?

12-15-2002, 12:09
We stayed at the Holiday Motor Lodge...nothing in the palce has been upgraded since 1965 and it had a quirkly kind of charm to it, really friendly, accomodating, and right next door to the All Sports cafe with the best french toast I've ever had. They have a register in the cafe you can sign. Pearisburg was a terrific town, great people at the PO, a big Walmart and a good library. The trail headed OUT of town leaves something to be desired...you pass by a lovely chemical garbage dump.