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02-17-2004, 10:00
The Long Trail End-to-Enders Guide lists shuttle services and parking a trailheads. I'll just mention the shuttle services we used last year when we did Canada to Lincoln Gap, as I can recommend them.

For parking and shuttle at the northern end of the LT, we used Jay of Rose Apple Acres Farm. We drove to his farm in North Troy, then he shuttled us to the trailhead and kept our car for 17 days ($1/day). Nice guy, good service. I wouldn't recommend driving yourself to Journey's End because the road is not always passable, but Jay knows the conditions and drives it all the time, so will get you as far in as practical.

We used Carlene Squires shuttle service from Richmond, Vt to North Troy at the end of our hike. She agreed to shuttle us with about 12 hours notice. Price was reasonable, about $28.

I did hear of one LT thru-hiker who kept moving his car from trailhead to trailhead and had the car broken into, I think near Killington.

05-01-2012, 19:08
How did you contact these two services? Thanks!