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Former Admin
10-10-2002, 06:47
Info, questions, comments, experiences (good or bad) regarding - Hiawassee Ga.

Past/Present hikers - what can future hikers expect here? Have any good stories or memories, would you suggest a maildrop here?

Future hikers - any questions?

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The Weasel
10-10-2002, 08:32
Hiawassee: Fond memories, mostly. Good motel, reasonably priced, good stores, nice people. Clinic had good doctors even though I didn't like one personnally. Easter Sunday was when I was there for second time (due to return to go to clinic) and Sunrise Services on local hilltop were very touching.

The Weasel

10-10-2002, 16:05
I highly recommend the Hoiday Inn Express,they have a very friendly staff there and are very kind to hikers.You could if you wanted to have a mail drop there.I do not recommend a mail drop here because there is a great supermarket for resupply.all kinds of great eating places and over all a great trail town and people.;)

12-14-2002, 11:36
Hiawasee Inn is also good. Slightly less expensive than the Holiday Inn. Owner ran a shuttle back to the trailhead. What ever you do, don't miss the AYCE at Dick's Steakhouse. Pitchers and pitchers of sweet ice tea and food until you burst. They had one table for hikers, right next to the buffet! Great way to meet others you might not of seen on the trai.

Bandana Man
12-15-2002, 13:51
Dick's Steakhouse? There's a Daryl's Steakhouse near Hardee's and across the road from Mulls Motel. Did you mean Daryl's or is Dick's a different AYCE? I'm probably the one confused as I'm not that familiar with Hiawassee. I was there once, stayed at Mulls, ate at Daryl's, and that's about all I know of Hiawassee!:p

Lone Wolf
12-15-2002, 13:56

Bandana Man
12-15-2002, 14:02
DUH! Where the heck did I get Daryl's?? Of course, it's Daniels (sound of slapping up side the head). I need another cup of coffee...

12-15-2002, 18:11
Senility is a terrible thing to waste on others!!!!