View Full Version : Rambunny's new abode

Miss Janet
06-13-2008, 19:59
Does anyone have info for Rambunnys new place near Atkins? I would love toget in touch with her if anyone has a good email address.

06-13-2008, 20:50
I'll PM you...

06-14-2008, 14:41
I've been trying to reach her too. She's a-gonna be my neighbor, well, sorta. Great gal, great plans, great move.--Kinnickinic

warren doyle
06-14-2008, 17:30
She's moving in tomorrow. I'll be there.
The start of something good.

06-14-2008, 17:39
that name is a blast from the past ! how is she doing anyhow ? is she opening up a hostel ?