View Full Version : medical services along the trial?

06-14-2008, 19:42
My son has just realized he needs one final immunization beore he can register for classes for the fall semester. He needs to have it done soon. He is in Pennsylvania now, heading toward Port Clinton, then Deleware Water Gap. Is there a source for info on Urgent Care or health services facilites along the trail? Thanks, Hiker Mom

06-14-2008, 23:17
there's a pretty big hospital in the lehigh valley. it's closer to allentown than where he is, but it'd be pretty easy access to pick him up in port clinton and then drive him East on 78 towards allentown. you won't be able to miss that hospital...

another option would be to call 'ye olde backpacker'. store # should be listed in yellowpages or a simple google search. his store is located right in port clinton. scott runs that store and might be a good source of information about something more local. plus he's a really nice guy. your son may be having ice cream at his hostel right now :D