View Full Version : Katadyn filters on sale at EMS

Shoe Leather Express
02-17-2004, 19:24
I just got one. Link. (http://www.ems.com/navigation/subcategory.jsp;jsessionid=Ayirb8HsDm4Bqy0WVp720ZM ocS1EbLI7NLWWxF1wSproVQ6O0sjT!-61748867!174391831!7005!8005!745473979!174391830!7 005!8005?FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302848879&fromTemplate=navigation%2Flanding.jsp&bmUID=1077060139862)

02-17-2004, 19:53
I just got one.
Those prices are inflated. I bought the Katadyn hiker filter for $50 at Bass Outfitters. EMS has the same one on sale for $48. After shipping and handling, you'd end up paying more......

Shoe Leather Express
02-17-2004, 20:12
Meh. I've been wanting one and they are $11 cheaper than Campmor has them. Since I ordered other stuff from EMS with it the S&H didn't really effect me. Just thought I'd post it if anyone was interested.