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02-17-2004, 19:47
Wild Mike’s hot wings:

Ingredients: 24 (or more) chicken wings. Sauce of choice.
Instructions: Drive to Wild Mikes (or your favorite wing joint), run out of gas on the way there, call your spouse to come rescue you, get 24, PLAIN chicken wings, and a side of sauce to cover them later, if you tell them what you are doing they usually are accommodating. At home, let wings cool somewhat, then pull & cut the meat off of the wings, when the bowl is half full drop it on the floor, when you go to pick it up, be sure to kick it under the stove, retrieve bowl, once again drop on floor, this time upside down, shoo cats away from dropped chicken, scoop chicken back into bowl & rinse off as best you can. Chase cats off of table & continue shredding chicken. Go answer phone, return to find that cats have eaten most of the chicken, return to Mike’s for replacement chicken, no sauce this time. Return home, knock container of sauce to floor, top down. Clean up sauce then drive to Mikes for replacement sauce. Return home to find cats have finished off remainder of left over chicken & started on the new batch, while chasing cats, drop “New” container of sauce. Repeat X 3 and at least once kick the chicken down basement stairs. Finally give up & buy freeze-dried package of Buffalo Style chicken.
On trail: discover that the foil pack you thought was the freeze-dried chicken is actually; Hairball treats for your cats. SCREAM loudly!

Someday I’ll actually post the real way of doing it, just couldn’t resist this post.

Doctari. :jump

02-17-2004, 22:17
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