View Full Version : Hot Springs Trailfest 2004 - April 17

02-19-2004, 19:34
Has anyone been to the Hot Springs Trailfest in past years? Does this event attract a large crowd?


Any feedback would be gratefully appreciated.

Jeffrey Hunter

Lone Wolf
02-19-2004, 19:43
Small crowd. If you're there the weekend it happens, fine but don't do big miles to get there or slow down.

02-20-2004, 14:12
For me trail fest was the first real day off break that I had on my thru hike... I did nothing on Friday except lounge around... of course it was like 20* and snowing to beat sam hell outside.

Saturday it was like 80* out.

Hot springs is a cool town, but really, they are not doing much in the way of exploiting there location, the hot water springs, and the rivers there. A huge resort/conference center located there would revitalize the business there and make that town a viable place for business, and it would enrich the area significantly.

I am sure that locals would disagree but in there favor a resort would create jobs.

Oh and by the way, Thumbs down to the spagetting dinner on Friday night, and Thumbs up to the breakfast on Sunday Morning.
Does anyone know who makes the Spagetting Sauce?? I would volunteer to make it if I knew who was in charge?