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02-21-2004, 03:32
has anyone had experience with eureka tents. i just bought the eureka backcountry 2. at 5# 9oz packed weight it is roomy, well ventilated, stand alone and 3.5 season.

they claim 5# 4oz pack weight but i put it on the scale and its 5oz more than they claim. i just took it out of the box and weighed it, mabe there is a manual in the center i didnt pull out.

i was gonna buy the SD cli flashlight cd2 but campmore was out of stock indefinatley and i figured for the extra room and being 3 1/2 season the extra 1/2 lb was worth it. it also has a cieling vent that can be zipped shut.

my only complaint would be no vestabule to put my muddy boots

02-21-2004, 12:05
I have a Zeus EXO2. Been using it for two years now. I have been very pleased to date. I am a big man and the EXO2 is spacious for me. I have even used it with my wife, but it is not a two person tent for people who are not intimate. It weighs under 4lbs and does have a vestibule. Very easy setup. Only downside is condensation. When conditions are right for heavy condensation this tents ventilation can not handle it well.

Big Dawg
02-21-2004, 13:34
I've used the eureka backcountry 2 for about 3 yrs now, & it's held up great in all types of weather. I'm 6'5" 235 lbs, so I sleep at an angle--corner to corner, but have plenty of room (floor space & height) for me & my gear. I don't miss the vestibule . I use a small trash can plastic bag to put my boots in if their too muddy. I guess the only drawback to no vestibule is that if you need to cook dinner & it's raining, & no shelter near by, & you don't prefer to use your stove inside your tent, then normally that's when you would use the vestibule,,,, oh well---just improvise! The weight of my tent is several oz's over what they mentioned as well. But I also carry a ground cloth (lt.wt.tarp). Plus, this tent was cheap in comparison to others, so it works for me! It's not the lightest tent out their, but I gotta have more room than a bivy, & this one gives me all I need!! It'll work til I can afford a Stephenson's Warmlite!!:D

Kozmic Zian
02-21-2004, 14:51
Yea.....Eureka Tents. I don't understand why you guys are in 2 man tents. I know you're big but some of the single tents offer spaciousness and low weight. I'm big also, but I use a single, light weight tent, always. Gotta' be less that 3lbs. for me or it's sleep with a tarp and airmattress. The Eureka's seem like well made tents, I looked at the Backcountry 1 and liked the way it sets up, and the attention to detail Eureka employs. I did't buy it because it's a little too heavy for my use. Right now, I'm using a Slumberjack Summer Bivy with aluminum poles that Slumb'jck sent to me. Whole thing weights 2lbs. It did The Long Walk with me, and I still use it. Can get a little claustrophobic on really wet outings, but that's the trade-off. Weight for Comfort....KZ@