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Tin Man
06-28-2008, 07:38
This is too much! Right out of white blaze anals. They got dog hate, septic poop, food critics, etc...

Annoying neighbors? Rant about 'em online


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Just outside his sealed bedroom window, beyond the chain-link fence that surrounds his next-door neighbor's yard, sit the reasons David Adams says he can't sleep: two bushy-tailed dogs that bark and howl all night.
http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2008/LIVING/personal/06/27/rotten.neighbors.ap/art.rotten.neighbor.ap.jpg David Adams and daughter Carly posted this sign earlier this year because of neighbor's barking dogs.


The Magnolia, Mississippi resident plugged up his ears and even took his neighbor to court alleging a noise violation.
But the barking went on. Finally he discovered a Web site seemingly tailor-made for such suburban woes: RottenNeighbor.com.
"Nothing seemed to work. I couldn't get any help from the city," Adams said. "So I figured, let's try public humiliation."
He posted a video of the troublesome pooches on the site, and other users chimed in on his plight. Some offered sympathy and methods of silencing the mutts. Others berated him for blaming the animals.
The site founded last July is part online therapy, part trashy paperback novel. It singles out neighbors for offenses ranging from shoddy lawn upkeep ("They have garbage all through their yard") to alleged violence ("He has tried to run us down with his push lawnmower").
"It's kind of like watching a train wreck," admits 51-year-old Maegan Polak, of Flossmoor, Illinois. "You know you shouldn't be enjoying it, but you are."
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Users are invited to post advice on dealing with neighbors who fight and yell, who let their animals defecate on other people's property, who neglect their septic tanks -- even those who cook foul-smelling food.
The site shows how neighborhoods are changing, said Polak, a figure skating instructor who visits RottenNeighbor.com occasionally....

Tin Man
06-28-2008, 07:42
"Co-founders are pitching ideas to networks for a reality show based on the site"

They might need a title. How about 'the jack and warren show, starring..." :D

Frolicking Dinosaurs
06-28-2008, 07:43
Jack and Warren..... you gotta see this (http://www.rottenneighbor.com/) :D

Lone Wolf
06-28-2008, 07:45
not much of a show. warren types one sentence, jack replies with 14 paragraphs of THE SAME OLD **** :rolleyes:

Tin Man
06-28-2008, 07:49
not much of a show. warren types one sentence, jack replies with 14 paragraphs of THE SAME OLD **** :rolleyes:

I was thinking the guests would make it interesting and bring fresh material.

Frolicking Dinosaurs
06-28-2008, 07:50
I was thinking the guests would make it interesting and bring fresh material.Now that's what I'm talking about :D

Tin Man
06-28-2008, 07:51
but I guess that "remember when" stuff would bring it down. ;)

Tin Man
06-28-2008, 07:54
the first post response I read was "try spell check"... they need LW to get things rolling.... :) ...or matty for to understand what spelling is all about.

Frolicking Dinosaurs
06-28-2008, 07:56
Oh... Jack and Warren would be as uninteresting as ever :rolleyes:, but to see them both told they are {insert epitaph here} by an entirely new group and then see them try to defend the idea that they aren't {insert epitaph here} would be solid gold.

Tin Man
06-28-2008, 08:09
site is boring so far, so I will tell my own story here. Actually this is a neighbor of a friend of mine...

This busy body lady made sure she shared everyone's comings and goings business on the street with eveyone in town, even to the point of making stuff up to amuse herself and her friends. Not unusual among the gossip crowd. Here's a mix of sad news and the good part... one day her house was jammed with cops and emergency folks. Neighbors came out to gape. Turns out that her "lover" expired doing the deed. 39 year-old male, dead on the guest bed, leaving a wife and 3 kids of his own. She came out crying, saying she already called her husband, and asked everyone not to talk about it. Yeah right. :rolleyes:

notorius tic
06-28-2008, 08:28
not much of a show. warren types one sentence, jack replies with 14 paragraphs of THE SAME OLD **** :rolleyes:
Truley agree on that 1 Wolf

06-28-2008, 14:28
I heard this mentioned on the radio the other day as I drove home from the Nash-vegas dinner! Thanks for the link. If my neighbors arent already on there, they should be!