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07-04-2008, 17:20
Hi anyone know anything about Low Gap, Tenn. How far from AT and campsites along the way. In Damascus I hear lots of camping but is it a paid site or what and then feather camp branch , is it a campground and how far to main road from there. Thanks, Oreo:banana

Tennessee Viking
07-05-2008, 00:37
There are a lot of Low Gaps around Tennessee. Holston Mountain even has two. If you are talking about Holstons Low Gaps. There is a rec area with camping and picnic facilities on top. It is visited quite often by horse traffic. From Elizabethton head north on TN91 up through Stony Creek. Turn left on Panhandle Road; road signs will indicate turn. Pass the turnout for Blue Hole waterfalls. And up the mountain, it is paved in parts and can be rutted gravel in others. At the top, head left up toward the towers. Signs will guide you to the Low Gap camping area. The area was an old AT route and are horse trails now. And tends to be some partying up there from what I hear.

You can reach the AT via Holston Mtn Trail (old AT route) near a radio tower after walking some forest roads. Its on a rotational maintenace cycle, so it can be steep and full of blowdowns at times. Flint Rock on the way offers good views of S Holston Lake.

The other Low Gap is the US 421 crossing for the AT.

Not familiar with Feathercamp except for the AT portion crossing US58 and going along the ridgeline.

07-05-2008, 09:21
It is Low Gap at 421. Anything about the camping in Damascus? Oreo

Tennessee Viking
07-05-2008, 10:36
I haven't done a lot on Holston. But there some trout pond north side of 421 just off trail. Then about a little of a mile south there is some camping spot that people love when Double Springs is crowded. Its an old woods road leading down to a flat area overlooking Shady Valley.

As for camping around Damascus, they only one I have seen other than Trail Days grounds, is Iron Horse Campground on US58 west of town. Its right on roadside, so you can't miss it.

As for Rec Area camping, there is Backbone Rock campground just inside Tennessee. Then there is Bear Tree campground which is very popular east and up on US58 from Damascus. I been here before, its a great family area. Small swimming lake. Access to a number of Mt Rogers trails. And the entrance is only a short walk from the AT.