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02-23-2004, 23:14
SCAR (http://www.claudesinclair.com/reports/smokiesreport.html)

I saw this article on Thru-hiker.com and thought you folks would be interested ,though alot of you have prolly seen it already. One of the guys that did the run was called Sweeper and he has a good website and Ive used some of his homemade gear ideas in the past. His homemade instep crampons came in especially handy this winter! Streamweaver

Rebel, with a Cause!
02-24-2004, 09:22
My son and I assisted Sweeper ( somewhat ) in 2002, when he and his Dad attempted the Smokies in under 24 hours.

We were hiking the Smokies Section with a group of Thru Hikers and had stopped at Double Springs shelter, due to very heavy rain. We had told the group about Sweepers attempt, but it didnt seem to sink in with them. We got their water ready and eagerly awaited the time we expected them to arrive.

Right on time, I saw Sweeper, coming down the trail to the shelter at a very good pace. Everyone jumped up to see him, then suddenly another man appeared also. Yes, it was Sweepers Dad, following about 25 feet behind him.

Unbelievable, that a Father and son team could do this. When they left, it was a good uphill for a ways from the shelter. They did that uphill faster than I have ever done it and this was after 30+ miles.

Due to the extreme bad weather, Sweeper and his Dad stopped at NewFound Gap and didnt continue on. I'll always remember this day and when Im real tired after a long day, I use this memory to keep me going.

Rebel, with a Cause !