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07-07-2008, 23:11
[email protected],

Today I bought my Amtrak ticket for Pittsfield, MA. I plan to thru-hike the LT this summer in 13 days. I'm about as confident in my ability to reach Journey's End in that timeframe as I am confident this will be a formidable challenge! In other words, it's a stretch and I believe in myself. In my previous hikes I used the trail as a metaphor for my life and that's what kicked my ass.

I still haven't decided if, to cut down on time in trail towns and keep me focused, I'm going to hike it like that dude from GoLite did some years back where he carried all his food. Any thoughts?

(Just like my FT/AT thru-hikes of 2005, I'll be leaving the stove back in the kitchen.)

For more info and to follow along, take a look at the first entry of my trailjournals below.

Maybe I'll see you on the trail -- August 2 - 15, NOBO.


07-07-2008, 23:17
It's doable in that timeframe, but will be a challenge.

Why carry all your food? It will only slow you down.

Send drops to Inn at Long Trail, Jonesville PO and Long Trail Tavern in Johnson.

All are basically ON the LT.

Good luck, it's a great trail. Save some time for the Belvidere fire tower (.2 off trail).

07-07-2008, 23:22

Thanks for the thoughts. The idea behind no resupply would be to keep me resisting the temptations of the trail towns and moving with no near zeroes.

Buut I ain't doing a marketing campaign for Salomon's backpacks so if I do choose resupply, can I do it without maildrops? As in, are there a few legitimate trail towns on the trail? I certainly remember there are from th

07-07-2008, 23:24
Woops accidentally sent that post but meant to keep writing.

I was gonna say I remember there are some legitimate trail towns on the AT section but those may have been near the southern terminus.

I never done maildrops - not only are they costly they depend on the openness of the location you are sending too.

Thanks for any help.

07-07-2008, 23:32
The Inn at the Long Trail is on the old AT (Sherburne Trail) but it's a mile or so off the present AT/LT, and they do maildrops. It'd be crazy to pass it up, IMO. There's a hiker box there. I suspect most thru-hikers stop there. The AT and LT part ways right around there.

07-07-2008, 23:44
Yea, you can resupply in places like Manchester, Rutland, Waitsfield, Richmond and Johnson-all really nices places, but they will eat up your time, hitching and hanging.

If I were on a tight time constraint, I'd do the maildrops. Otherwise I would visit a couple of these places and get in and out.

Red Hat
08-22-2008, 11:16
So, David, how about an update about your hike... Missed you at the Long Trail Festival this weekend, but I guess you had to hurry back to work.