View Full Version : SNP License Plate Fee Waived

02-26-2004, 14:04
Shenandoah National Park Association (SNPA) has announced they will cover the first-year application fee for those Virginia residents who want to switch to the new Shenandoah National Park VA license plate design. The fee-waiver applies to current SNPA members.

To make this a reality, at least 350 completed, signed applications are required or the Commonwealth won't make the plates. As of 2/20/04, SNPA reported they were only halfway to that goal.

SNPA has set an internal deadline of 4/15/04 to reach that goal so they can have enough time to get the applications ready to submit to the DMV by DMV's deadline.

Non-SNPA members who reside in Virginia can also get the plates. The application fee for non-members is only $10, though to actually join SNPA isn't much more. There is an additional $10 fee (optional) for anyone wanting a vanity plate.

There will be a drawing for a prize among applicants for the new SNP plates for dinner and overnight lodging for two at either Skyland or Big Meadows Lodge, donated by ARAMARK.

For more info, you can call SNPA at 540-999-3581 or contact via email at [email protected]