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07-13-2008, 12:54
Attention: Long Trail and AT hikers!!!

My wife and I are opening our home in Manchester Center, VT to hikers this season starting July 21st thru the end of August. Every summer our town hosts a six week long horse show and motel accommodations are impossible to find.

We have two extra bedrooms and can handle four hikers each evening. Call for reservations. We will pick you up at the local McDonalds and return you to the trailhead in the morning.

Any suggestions are appreciated. We want to make it a great experience for the hiker and ourselves!!!

Below is our ad we are posting at the local outfitters:

Manchester Ctr, VT Green Mountain House

Reservations required (330) 388-6478 or (802) 768-8088

Private residence 1 mile south of Post Office. Our home is open July 21st thru the end of August. We offer hikers a bed, shower with towel, laundry, high speed internet & long distance phone calls. Not a party place, no alcohol, no drugs. Shuttles from town & back to the trail in the morning.

Jeff & Regina Taussig
Aka Flashback AT 01-->'06

Lone Wolf
07-13-2008, 12:58

07-13-2008, 12:58
What do you charge? (If nothing, I'd want to leave you with a donation or do some work for you.) Would you be willing to accept maildrops?

This part of the Trail can definitely use more hiker-appropriate lodging, so this is really nice to hear about. Thank you for offering to help out hikers.

Hammock Hanger
07-13-2008, 13:27
That's really nice. I remember Manchester as being a really expensive town stop.

07-13-2008, 16:58
In response to Lone Wolf's question, we are not a business and will not be charging for our services. However, donations are gladfully accepted.

Lone Wolf
07-13-2008, 17:40
what is the suggested donation?

07-13-2008, 18:24
I am open to your "suggestion" !!

Really, would like Whiteblaze input on what a fair suggested donation would be. Keep in mind I am not offering meals or any other food prep. My major expense would be the 5 mile shuttle back up the mountain.

Lone Wolf
07-13-2008, 19:10
$20 minimum per person

Hammock Hanger
07-13-2008, 19:14
$20 minimum per person

sounds fair.

you don't want to get involved with food and hikers. there is no way to break even there....

07-14-2008, 02:09
You sound like you're doing things right.

I wouldn't deal with food at all. HH is right. Too expensive and a headache. Keep a pile of take-out and delivery menu's for them. Maybe do the occasional meal/BBQ if you get a good group.

Keeping alcohol and drugs out of the picture is a great idea. Keeps out the rifraf.

Do you have a maximum number of nights for staying? Might be a good idea, unless you want injured and sick people using your house as an infirmary.

Good luck, sounds like a great experience!

warren doyle
07-14-2008, 18:20
"Not a party place, no alcohol, no drugs."

I like this policy. Most new hostel operators should have this policy right from the start.

Lone Wolf
07-14-2008, 18:21
"Not a party place, no alcohol, no drugs."

I like this policy. Most new hostel operators should have this policy right from the start.

and no smoking on the property also

07-14-2008, 18:35
"Not a party place, no alcohol, no drugs."

I like this policy. Most new hostel operators should have this policy right from the start.

Dogs welcome or not?

Lone Wolf
07-14-2008, 18:39
Dogs welcome or not?

doesn't say in the initial post but i wouldn't allow them personally if'n i was taking in folks

07-15-2008, 04:39
Thanks for all the great advice.

I was thinking dogs and smoking OUTSIDE only.

07-15-2008, 08:22
Jeff & Regina, Thanks for this great service. I'm section hiking south from Rt 4 next week and hope to be at Manchester around Friday. I'd forgotten about the horse show, so I may be giving you a call.

Thanks again,


07-15-2008, 15:58
Wow, great news. I'll be section hiking the AT in Vermont in August. I may give you a call.

07-21-2008, 14:37
My wife and I had a great first week of operation. Every single hiker was courteous and clean....must have all been Boy (and Girl) Scouts.

Most memorable hiker thus far was Grits. He wouldn't tell me how many times he has hiked the AT, but he really has his act together !!

07-21-2008, 14:48
Will you be allowing hikers to use the kitchen facilities? If so make sure they clean up after themselves immediately after. :cool:

Jack Tarlin
07-21-2008, 15:41
Wow, what you're doing is great!! I've already told several Southbounders about this (I'm in Hanover). I sugest that if you haven't done so already, let the folks at Eastern Mountain Sports and The Mountain Goat know what you're doing and where you're located; you might also a consider a small sign on the bulletin board at the laundromat. The more the word gets out, the more people you'll get. Thanx again!

07-21-2008, 15:54

I agree with your suggestion. Most hikers have been great about cleaning up.


EMS and Mountain Goat have been delightful to work with. How lucky for Manchester to have two very good outfitters. Will take your suggestion regarding the laudromat.

I got lots of advice from Bonepac at the Free State Hiker Hostel and he has been a fantastic resource. Southbounders, stop in Maryland at Bonepac's place. You won't be disappointed.

07-21-2008, 16:02
I got lots of advice from Bonepac at the Free State Hiker Hostel and he has been a fantastic resource. Southbounders, stop in Maryland at Bonepac's place. You won't be disappointed.

Ayup. It's a beautiful place, and Bonepac and his wife are great hosts.

07-21-2008, 16:08
wow thanks SO much for offering the service!

08-16-2008, 20:00
Jeff, I sent you a PM, but just in case, I am sectioning VT this coming week, planning to be in Manchester Center on the 24th. Will try to call you if you dont reply to the email or this post.

08-16-2008, 20:03
Jeff, I sent you a PM, but just in case you dont get it, I am planning on sectioning VT and arriving in Manchester Ctr on 8/24. Will try to call you then if I dont get a reply before then.

09-09-2008, 20:38
We have concluded our season in Manchester Center after serving 353 hiker guests. It was an awesome experience & I can say that every single hiker was courteous and a pleasure to have stay with us. Cannot say the same about every dog, but most were well behaved as well.

Definitely making plans to be open in 2009 from early July to early September. We probably won't be in the Companion or Handbook. It 's a nice bit of magic to come into town and find an unexpected option for a nights stay.

Positive changes are taking place for hiker accomodations in southern Vermont. Bennington has several families inviting hikers into their home. Rutland has the Twelve Tribes who I have heard many good reports as well.

09-10-2008, 11:24
Jeff, let me be the first of those 353 hikers to thank you (again) for a wonderful hostel experience. I arrived tired, muddy, and not exactly smelling like a rose, and I left the next morning clean, rested, and ready to hike again.

09-10-2008, 11:31
I'm going to add to the thank you's!!! We arrived wet and muddy, and i couldn't believe what we were taken into!! it's not just a hostel, it's a hiker house!!! Jeff, thank you so much for opening your doors to us all this year, it was definitely one of my favorite stays!! I can't say enough about you and your wife's hospitality!!

10-30-2011, 02:57
14260Hello Jeff, Swagman here. Great place, really enjoyed my stay and your hospitality. Will highly recommend your establishment in 2012 on my way back north. By the way, be on the lookout for Bearbell Chicken in 2012 and check out this face book page under the same name. Happy Trails dude! Swagman

Papa D
10-30-2011, 07:34
This post is from 2008!