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02-28-2004, 22:46
I have been browsing through some shelter registers and been 'surprised' occasionally by the language, and sometimes artwork, left there by previous passers-by. I feel bad for families or kids that happen to pick one up and start reading, only to find vulgarities. I guess shelter or privy grafitti is sometimes similar. I would imagine trail maintainers are prepared to clean or cover grafitti but would it be against the 1st ammendment to censor a register? Registers do serve an important function for search and rescue, and for the most part they are insightful and entertaining. I was in the Navy so I've spoken and heard it all (then, not now), and I know that not everyone shares my views, but has anyone else seen examples of what I am refering to? From my experience this is not the norm, but does occur.

02-28-2004, 23:25
Yea, I've read my share of garbage in registers. I don't see the point in telling the world how you lost your virginity last night or the gory details of a romp with local party girls. Never felt compelled to censor any of it, though.

The trail community is generally decent to one another but nobody should believe that the full range of isms (racism, sexism, etc), intolerance and inconsideration won't occasionally be encountered on the trail or in the registers. Somehow it is always a bigger disappointment to run across that crap on the trail than it is in the surreal world. Some folks just need to grow up. I would like to think that some of the beauty of the trail and it's magic would rub off on the thoughtless ones.

02-29-2004, 09:18
I enjoy reading the registers, I find the smut to be the norm.
( I enjoy the information in the register not the smut)
I once sent a full register back to the hiker that left it in the shelter. I had mixed feelings on sending it back. This person had messages left to her by other hikers she had meet along the trail, but was she expecting a register full of x-rated cartoons and profanity? Is this the kind of souvenier she wanted to represent her hike?
I sent it back, never got a response that she received it. I would have liked to know if she got it, I even told her the postage was on me. Was that trail magic?I decided she could be the judge of her souvenier. Maybe the smut represented her hike.
This is what I put in the registers
date/ time
location at start of day
Where I'm headed
trail condition (if something others should prepare for)
Boring to some, but thats what could get me found if I go missing

Lone Wolf
02-29-2004, 10:07
Oh ******ing well!! :clap

02-29-2004, 11:12
i'm not one that puts "X"-rated or "R"-rated materials in any trail/shelter register...nor graffitti in privies...but, to some this is "a right" or a "right of passage" & part of their hike adventure.

As we all know (& witness on the trail) most of those that leave these types of messages...are doing so for the pure enjoyment & shock value for thier buds that are to follow them on the trail...

yes, they need to grow up....maybe this is the last BIG PARTY they'll have because after thier hike....the "REAL WORLD" hits them....they have to get a job, pay bills, become responsibile citizens....

i'm the same as 2XL...i jot down NAME,hometown,maybe a short comment & leave it @ that...

i don't condone....i just take the attitude: ..."Live & Let Live..."

see ya'll UP the trail!

SGT Rock
02-29-2004, 12:34
That sort of thing is simply the world we live in. I worry a lot more about the trash around shelters than the comments of hikers on paper.

As for the kids, as a father of three, I can undestand some of y'alls displeasure with the registers that are out there. Not to minimize your point of view, but you can always look at it in another way - an example for your children how not to act. I have found it impossible to "protect" my kids from all the language, nudity, violence, drug references, etc. Do what your parents probably did and tell you that isn't how our family acts, we have more pride, decorum, and a better sense of humor than that.

Just my $0.02

Hammock Hanger
02-29-2004, 18:14
Rock on Sgt Rock!! Sue/HH (mother of 4)