View Full Version : under quilt of fleece?

02-29-2004, 21:17
anyone ever experimented with fleece as the main insulating material for an underquilt?

Kozmic Zian
02-29-2004, 21:57
Yea.....Quilts. I bought a silk quilt, stuffed with down at a department store for cheap. It's like a throw you use for cold nights watching TV or something. Smaller that a Twin bed quilt, it packs to nothing, weights less than a lb. Great for a throw over the bag (in cold weather) or to use in the summer as a main cover. I bet a hammocker would like it too. Look in Target or Sears for fleece or Down [email protected]

03-25-2004, 02:06
too heavy for its warmth ratio
too bulky to pack....
better choices are down if you can pack dry or primaloft, the warmth/weight ratio is far greater than with fleece....but if you are using a taco under the hammock and have fleece on hand it is good extemporaneous insulation between the taco and the bottom of the hammock