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03-02-2004, 00:55
Tonight I decided that I better capture some of my emotional roller coaster feelings and so I decided to write, and I think I wrote perhaps the most beautiful thing to ever flow from these hands ever:

My mind is swirling like a hurricane. Emotions thoughts and things left unsaid picking up speed as my time grows nearer. The warm waters of excitement only increase the strength of these whirlwind emotions that have taken hold of my mind. But as my day nears my heart beat slows to match the rhythm of the earth as this hurricane moves inland. Itís this rhythm to which my symphony will be played; itís to this rhythm that my pace will be set. Step by step, mountain by mountain, along the Appalachian Trail my body and spirit will be infused with that of Mother Natureís. My heart aches as I leave my loved ones behind and take up this song alone. But this song has been cast in my soul and now upon my body and there is nothing to do but sing it. And sing it I will with every melody and harmony along the way my spirit will sing with every step I take. With every view that blossoms to a forte and every drop of percussive rain my journey will be my song, and God and Mother Nature my composer. My hike will be both the song and dance for this melody, to which I can only praise them both for giving unto me.

I just thought I'd share that with all of you, because my friends I showed it to loved it.
Editing Note: I'm leaving Syracuse for GA in a week on the trail on the 10th.