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03-02-2004, 15:57
I am getting ready to purchase a new backpack. I have been looking around a lot. I have just about decided on a Lowe Alpine (the Frontier 65). It has everything I think I am looking for. Anyone had any experience with this pack or other lowe alpine packs. The only thing I see wrong with it is that it weights 5.6 pounds. That is a pound heavier than I was hoping for. But it does have the organization pockets I want. I tried it on with most of my gear and walked around for about 30 min. It seemed pretty comfortable but that is compairing it to my hold pack. Reviews on this pack. And suggestions on packs like this one that might be lighter.

03-02-2004, 16:40
The weight isn't hugely bad, and it does have the right pockets. The only thing that I've seen be a problem with those packs aside from weight is the zipper on the sleeping bag compartment when your sleeping bag doesn't quite fit and needs to be forced in, then they might blow out. Other than that and the weight, so long as you're happy you should be fine with it. Oh yeah, and I'm grimacing at that MSRP ($180!! ... maybe I'm just conditioned by $100 externals).

I'd load it with all of your gear, including water, or throw some weight in it to simulate water. Packs change how they feel based on how much weight you have in them, internal expecially.

03-04-2004, 11:54
When I was younger I used an external frame pack. Then I purchased an DanaDesign Terraplane. It was heavier but it fit so well I could haul twice the weight and even have room for the kitchen sink. The way a pack fits your back makes all the difference in the world. Now I am much older and I have a bad back. I love Osprey packs but I cannot use them because the single-framesheet design pokes me in the back. There are alot of packs made this way and they all cause the same discomfort. Lowe Alpine and Gregory packs have a different suspension system and I have no problems with either one of them. Lowe Alpine makes an entry level pack called the OPHIR. It is excellent. I reccommend it to all my students (I teach backpacking clinics). It does not have all the extras so it weighs only 4lbs. I would also reccommend you head to the REI store in Buford or at Perimeter and try all their packs out with at least 30 lbs or more in them...take your gear with you if you want to..You will know which pack is right for you as soon put it on your back..the right one will fit and feel very differently from the other packs...good luck