View Full Version : wonder of it all

03-02-2004, 18:57
Vagrant referred readers to http://wonderofitall.com - incredible. Check it out. Last photo could be AT.

Kozmic Zian
03-02-2004, 19:09
No. Don't think so, but beautiful none the less. Enjoyed, Thank You. [email protected]

Hammock Hanger
03-02-2004, 20:01
It was a beautiful peaceful few minutes in a hectic day. TXS:sun Sue/HH

Moon Monster
03-02-2004, 23:27
For the curious, the site says where the photo is from:
"Although we live well within the city of Austin, our property adjoins a 50-acre greenbelt that runs through a hill country canyon. There's a wonderful hiking trail along a quiet creek with springs, waterfalls, soaring bluffs and such. This photo was taken on a section of the trail on a morning in early November. "