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mister krabs
08-12-2008, 11:18
Campmor's got the kelty lightyear 15 long on sale for the same as the campmor 20 long. Which would you get? This would be my winter bag, so let's assume Feburary in GA. I'm 6'2" 220 average to cold sleeper. I've been using my old Therma-nest 20* synthetic bag and have often been cold at freezing.

Specs: Kelty vs Campmor
Weight: 2lb 15oz vs 2lbs 6oz <-- Half a LB :-?
Fill : 24oz 650 vs 20oz 550
loft : NA vs 5"
stuff: 9x17 vs 7x14
shell: poly vs ripstop nylon

08-12-2008, 11:28
Check out this thread...speaks to the temps in GA in winter:

08-12-2008, 11:37
Zipper length.

leeki pole
08-12-2008, 11:38
Just me, but I always carry more bag than I need. I'm a cold sleeper. You can always use it as a quilt, unzipped. Temps in the South in the winter are very unpredictable. I carry a zero degree bag just to be safe.

max patch
08-12-2008, 11:50
I'm a cold sleeper, and if I was planning to get a winter bag for Georgia in February I'd go for a zero degree bag.

Having said that, if your choice is between the 2 bags I'll give you a couple things to consider.

The Kelty has more down at a higher fill level rating so it should be the warmer bag.

However, doesn't the Kelty's zipper only go down to the waist? If so, those bags drive me crazy and I won't use them.

So personally I wouldn't get either of them. Does Campmor have a zero on sale? Thats what I'd probably do.

mister krabs
08-12-2008, 12:59
Yeah, I know it can get cold, but I live here and don't do trips longer than the forecast is relatively good for. I can plan ahead to bring another layer or if necessary, I can skip it or bug out. I don't consider it a safety issue. I have a good bit of experience in the woods and if I need to, I can stay awake and do other things to ward off hypothermia till I can get back to the car.

Thanks for the note about the short zipper, with the wide range of temps as noted, I think I would miss the flexibility of using it as a quilt. That's exactly what I needed pointed out to me.

I'm looking for the right complement for my fleece summer bag, covering ranges from 10-50 with the right sleeping layers. If absolute crazyness sets in and I decide to go when it's forcast for lower than 20 lows, I can layer up. A night in the teens when I actually have the opportunity to get up to the mountains would be a rare alignment of the stars against me.

Eugene Krabs ~Senior Pack Sniffer/Weekend Warrior

08-13-2008, 08:43
We have a lot of the Campmor 20 bags in our scout troop. They are very nice bags for the price. Didn't look at sale, but when they are really on sale, they are $109 regular length. IMO, the campmor is not a 20 degree bag, more like a 30 based on sleeping in one for a cool but not below 30 coupla nights. Temp was in the mid 30s and I had on full base layer poly and light hat. Stayed warm enough to sleep no problem, but wasn't hot. If the Kelty has more ,higher power down, I say go for that one. Zipper length may be an issue, but I think you will not have a problem with a less than full length one.