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08-13-2008, 11:48
You can always find volunteer opportunities at the Monthly Calendar on the IANST website here:

Just thought I would bring up an important upcoming project in the Devil's Lake area. From the site:

Ice Age Trail Atlas Map 61f
In June, torrential storms hit the area in and around Devil's Lake State Park hard. The section of Ice Age Trail from South Shore Drive north is closed. Our partners with the DNR have asked us for help and this is the call. Please help us plan with your needs in mind...click here to pre-register (http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=d9zNZTHzcP4bMvgjx2wUNw_3d_3d).

Give us a call (800-227-0046) or send us an email ([email protected]) with any additional questions about either project."

Please use this thread to discuss volunteering on the trail, thanks!

08-19-2008, 08:11
"The Washington/Ozaukee Chapter of the Ice Age Park & Trail Foundation will
hold a work day on Saturday, August 23. This one was not previously on the
The purpose is to complete the puncheon and boardwalk on the Kewaskum
Segment. After two days in the field, we have only to add some deck, kick
rails, and do some grading to finish this project. Please bring your
cordless drills.
Depending on the number of volunteers, we may also do some tread work.
We'll start work at 9 am from Prospect. From Highway 45, turn west on Badger
Road and south on Prospect. Watch for the yellow signs."

I'll be at this one, I helped build about 125' of that puncheon, so it will be cool to get it in place. Also, this section of trail is like 6 miles from my house, so I have a bit of selfish interest.

02-10-2009, 19:00
2009 Ice Age Trail Mobile Skills Crew Projects Calendar

May 14–17 Washington Co.

Southeastern WI

New Trail

Our first project out of the gate establishes a new section of
the IAT at “Polk Kames”, near Slinger. The
Washington/Ozaukee County Chapter has worked hard to
prep this event and welcomes your help.

June 11–14 Waupaca Co.

North-Central WI

Construction &
Trail Maintenance

Build a 40-foot bridge and certify 3 miles of the IAT at
Skunk and Foster Lakes State Natural Area and the Waupaca
River State Fishery Area. Camp headquarters will be at
Hartman Creek State Park.

June 24–28 Sauk Co.

South-Central WI

IAT-U "Educate and Empower" is the MSC program touchstone.
IAT-U builds on last year's seminar model and features
multiple hands-on sessions. Tomorrow's leaders wanted!

July 16–19 Dane Co.

South-Central WI

New Trail
Construction &

Create, support and protect — the IAPTF mission statement
comes to bear at all MSC projects. This event in the Village
of Cross Plains promises to be a multifaceted blockbuster.

Aug 13–16 Sheboygan Co.

East-Central WI

New Trail

We got a great 2-mile start at La Budde Creek State Wildlife
Area last year but still have 1.5 miles of fun ahead.

Sept 8–13 Polk Co.

Northwestern WI

New Trail

Trumpeter swans, ephemeral ponds, Vietnamese dance
troupes, Volunteer Vacations…this project launches 4 new
miles of superb hiking in the Straight Lake Scenic Recreation
Area, near Luck, Wisconsin.

Sept 24–27 Dane Co.

South-Central WI

New Trail &

The land tells stories drift and driftless; walk the IAT and
you’ll straddle multi-faceted tension zones sans horizon.
With your help we’ll stretch a new leg of the IAT near
Belleville and set the stage for near-term success on
adjacent State Ice Age Trail Area lands.

Oct 8–11 Taylor Co.

North Central WI

Trail Maintenance The longest, wildest section of the IAT spans Taylor and
Lincoln counties. This “Sweeper” maintenance project
covers a 4-mile project area from Wood Lake to the Lincoln
Co. line.

Oct 29–Nov 1 TBA Wild Card Three out of the last four years we’ve enjoyed an unplanned
spooktacular Halloween finale to close the season. Location
is to be determined but fun and gratification is guaranteed!

10-27-2009, 17:49
Take a peak at how the Mobile Skills Crew handcrafts the Ice Age National Scenic Trail. This link takes you to Wisconsin Public Television's "IN WISCONSIN" show archives. http://wpt2.org/npa/IATbuild.cfm There are several special episodes thanks to the Ice Age Trail Alliance celebrating 50 years in 2008.

10-28-2009, 15:53
We have clubs over here in the eastern part of the state that help maintain the trails and more. Last spring we (well, mainly the rest of them) helped extend part of the trail between West Bend and Slinger.
V.I.P: where are you located?
Also, anyone see IceAge lately?

10-29-2009, 08:24
I was at that Polk Kames project near Slinger. Awesome rock-lined drainages under the puncheons. Remember how windy it got, the tents had to come down and someone's chair blew into the campfire though it was quickly rescued. Stayed an extra night at Pike Lake State Park to hike to where I left off after 2007 Holy Hill MSC. My day-to-day location is Dane/Green counties.

12-05-2009, 18:44
We welcome new faces to our traditional "off-season" gathering of volunteers who miss each other. Besides getting all excited for the upcoming Mobile Skills Crew calendar, we play in the snow at the Iola winter sports club (downhill & X-country), hike the IAT (of course) and have a few rounds of laughter watching our Year in Review DVD. Musical instruments, board games enhance our entertainment. Dorms and cabins available--bring your own sleeping bag/pillow. Contact [email protected] as the date approaches to express interest. February 6-7, 2010 Central Wisconsin Environmental Station, Amherst Junction, Portage County [IAT atlas map 45f]

12-05-2009, 18:57
And speaking of anticipating the upcoming Mobile Skills Crew calendar...... Here's the rough outline so you can make vacation requests!!

May 13-16 Straight Lake State Park, Polk county. Brand New Trail & Park. American Hiking Society Volunteer Vacations is also involved.

June 17-20 Dells of the Eau Claire Park, Marathon county. Ice Age Trail University -- a chance to step up your crewleader skills with in-depth training.

July 15-18 Straight Lake State Park, Polk County #2. On our way to finishing four brand new miles!

August 12-15 Greenwood Segment, Waushara County. New trail in the middle of the state.

September 16-19 Plover River, Marathon County. Awesome fishery area between two moraines.

October 14-17 Steenboch-Murphy property, Columbia County. Extending further from a 2005 project off the Merrimac Ferry and getting closer to Gibraltar Rock!

01-08-2010, 14:32
If you give a day at one of our Mobile Skills Crew events, you qualify to get a day at a Disneyland park. Contact the IATA office [email protected] for the details.

01-08-2010, 23:53
If you give a day at one of our Mobile Skills Crew events, you qualify to get a day at a Disneyland park. Contact the IATA office [email protected] for the details.

Thanks for the heads-up. Any word on the eastern part of the state?

01-13-2010, 18:07
For Southeast WI, the closest Mobile Skills Crew events near you are the ones in Waushara and Columbia counties. Have you ever been to our Rendevous in early Feb.?

01-14-2010, 02:04
For Southeast WI, the closest Mobile Skills Crew events near you are the ones in Waushara and Columbia counties. Have you ever been to our Rendevous in early Feb.?

No, but I want to hike with you so you can interpret for me and my boys. Your descriptions are great.

01-19-2010, 19:40
Well, if you come for the moonlight hike 7 pm Jan 30th in the Valley View Preserve on Madison's west side, you'll get an amateur naturalist's interpretation of terminal moraine topography. (thanks for the compliment) Parking lot sits right on the ridge and you walk west down the slope into glacial drainage and driftless area rocks under gnarly oaks. This spring we will be installing professional grade signage to tell more of the landscape story. Plus, a return is worth it to see the prairie blooms.

01-31-2010, 10:53
Never too early to think of spring cleaning with trail maintenance. A different approach we are able to employ in Dane county is prescribed burns for prairie restoration. Get in touch with Gary [email protected] if you want that experience.

An indoor volunteer oppportunity is available at the Alliant Energy Center for Garden Expo Feb 12-14 & Canoecopia in March to promote the Ice Age Trail. [email protected] will gladly get you acquainted!!