View Full Version : FSR's for Nantahala Balds

Tennessee Viking
08-15-2008, 17:17
Just wondering what the drive conditions are for the forest service roads are like for the Nantahala Balds. Can a low clearance sedan get up them?

08-15-2008, 17:37
Yes it can

08-15-2008, 18:28
I drive a Mustang, very low to the ground, and had no grounding.

Gray Blazer
08-15-2008, 22:21
The roads are great, make sure you keep your eyes open for the occasional washout or loose /fallen rocks.

Funny story (to me anyway). My gas gauge doesn't work on my gray blazer and I was heading up to Burningtown Gap when I ran out of gas. I was like...who's gonna give me a ride to the gas station up here? I realized that since I was at a high elevation I could prolly coast quite a ways. I don't know how far it was from there to Highway 19 at the Nantahala River park there, more than 5 miles at least, but, I coasted all the way there and then hitched 2 miles to the nearest gas station and back with relative ease.