View Full Version : PCT section recommendations for northern CA? (early semptember)

08-21-2008, 14:26
Hello everyone,
I'm doing a thru-hike of the PCT this coming spring ('09). I've been trying to knock out lots of shorter trips this year in preparation and just discovered I have an opportunity to take a short (3.5 days total actual hiking time) trip September 5th-8th. I'd really like to do a PCT section and since I just did some of the JMT last month, I'd like to do something north of Yosemite... possibly in the Tahoe area.

Do any of you have any recommendations for section hikes in that area? I'm looking for something in the 40-55 mile range and my main problem so far has been figuring out the logistics of getting back to my car. I'm located in the SF bay area so I'm hoping to keep driving to 6 hours or less in either direction. If any of you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

Thanks for the help and hope to meet some of you on the trail next year!