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Jim Obermeyer
03-08-2004, 17:58
Today I had the pleasure of meeting One Leg aka Scott Rogers. I first read about him in "The Tennessee Magazine" which is a monthly publication put out by Holston Electric Coop. It's one of those magazines you get in the mail every month whether you want it or not. Scott was on the cover page. He also has an interview on CNN on March 13 (see attrolls thread).

It was great to find him on WhiteBlaze. We only live a few miles from one another so he stopped by my shop today on his way back from Kingsport.

Scott is a quality person and I can see he has the determination to complete the AT. Last year I followed Jan Lite Shoe on her journey, this year I will follow Scott. He'll be posting his journal on his own web site ( there's a link in his profile). Scott will make AT history by being the first one legged man to thru hike.

Good hiking Scott for you and your family. Don't forget to mention Obermeyer's Furniture Refinshing during your CNN interview lol :banana

Flash Hand
03-13-2004, 02:28
:clap to One Leg

For his hard effort to get fundraising on his thru hike. I am going to watch CNN in the morning! He is really an inspiration for all of us! May God Bless him and his family for a successful hike.

Flash Hand :jump