View Full Version : advice re: screws in ankle/type of footwear

08-27-2008, 13:08
so i broke my fibula in 2 places directly above my left ankle in july 2007...ended up having to have surgery to correct - 7 screws and a plate.

when i wear boots, i can feel the screws rubbing on the side, which is fairly uncomfortable. i think i probably need the ankle support of a boot (even though my surgeon said that because of the added metal, eventually my left ankle will be stronger than the right one), but i foresee the problems with rubbing only getting worse and worse on the trail.

i guess my question is, should i just like wrap it with an ace and get trail runners? what would be the best way to support this type of problem on the trail - any ideas?

08-27-2008, 13:17
Why not try some trail runners and see how they work for you?

08-27-2008, 13:50
Boots supporting an ankle is a misnomer, as I found out. Maybe if you get the ultra heavy mountaineering type you might get a little (along with sore legs and blisters up to the kazoo). But support comes from a good solid foot bed in the shoe made for your kind of foot (like whether you pronate or not) and the strength of your ankle ligaments. I would recommend you definitely be doing therapy on your ankles to continue strengthening both of them (wobble board, etc) along with stretching the calf muscles. And use trail runners and hiking poles.

08-27-2008, 14:00
I cracked my heel like an egg shell in 1998 and it took at least a year before I could walk all day with no pain.
Trail runners may be ok for some but good hiking soles keep rocks from pushing into your foot as they distribute the force over the bottom of the stiff sole. Give yourself some time to heal but I would recommend low day hikers with a good inner sole and not trail runners.
Good Luck and don't forget the Ibuprofen

08-27-2008, 14:14
thanks guys...i had a bad feeling about boots anyway..
i have been doing PT on the bad one, hadn't thought about the other one though! i'm sure it couldn't hurt.