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09-04-2008, 13:57
Does anyone know when the horses are rounded up for the sale in the fall? Planning a trip in the area and didn't want to miss this highlight.

09-04-2008, 16:29
Grayson Highlands State Park Pony Auction
Part of caring for wild horses is keeping the herdís population at a manageable number. To accomplish this, the Wilburn Ridge Pony Association holds an auction at 2:00 PM on the Saturday following the 4th full week in September. The auction is part of the Grayson Highlands Fall Fest. All auctioned ponies have passed veterinary examination and testing, and the proceeds from their purchase goes toward sustaining the pony herd and local charities. For further information call: 276-773-3111 or go to www.graysonfallfestival.org (http://www.graysonfallfestival.org/)

Tennessee Viking
09-04-2008, 21:58
I was up there in October and November last year, and I saw them.

09-21-2008, 11:34
My daughterand I just came back from hiking the whole area. Ponies and pony poo everywhere Daughter spent hours making friends with all the horses Very cool section of the AT except for the violent storm we got caught in on top of Rhodadendrom Gap..High winds and lightning hittinf all around