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10-15-2002, 05:25
Slow Hikes

There are two informal group hikes leaving Springer
Mountain on March 9th and March 30th, 2003 (Sundays). These hikes,
which average just over 8 miles a day, will take 20 days to get to
Fontana Dam, and are meant to properly prepare/condition thru-hikers
for the rest of their journey. Section-hikers, vacation hikers, and
weekenders are also welcome to hike along. The second hike will then
continue past Fontana, picking up speed (about 11 miles a day), taking
another 4 weeks to arrive at Damascus in time for Trail Days. Contact
Pittsburgh, email [email protected]

Mom Lamb
11-02-2002, 06:51
Hi yugrekih,

This sounds like just the kind of thing my daughter and I need. Do you do this every year? We're thinking of doing our thru-hike in 2004.

The only thing holding us back is the time we need to buy and pay for our packs, boots and tent, or we'd do it this year with that group.

How large a group is it so far? Is there a deadline to join up?