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TJ aka Teej
03-12-2004, 11:39
I've communicated with the ATC's Laurie Potteiger and Baxter State Park's Jean Hoekwater about a new program that will benefit all visitors and especially A.T. hikers. Here's what we think you need to know:

This year Baxter Park is testing a new reservation system that will allow visitors to reserve regular campground sites (not the Birches Long Distance Hiker Site) by phone with a credit card 10 days or fewer prior to their stay. Hikers will need to call Park Headquarters during business hours at 1-207-723-5140 with their credit card number handy. Important - Ranger Stations inside the Park do not accept credit cards! This program will be tested in the 2004 season with the new Rolling Reservation system trial beginning in 2005.
Southbounders can now wait until they hear weather and trail updates, and then finalize their start dates over the phone.
Northbounders can call ahead from Monson or from the new pay cell phone at Abol Bridge to reserve at Katahdin Stream or Abol Campgrounds. If northbounders plan on going over the Knife Edge, they will be able to find out if sites are available at Chimney Pond or Roaring Brook Campgrounds. A reminder: capacity at the Birches continues to be limited to twelve and groups of thirteen or more people will be assigned to BSP group areas when requesting reservations-Foster Field is the one closest to Katahdin Stream.

ALDHA Companion volunteer, Caratunk > Katahdin

03-12-2004, 17:07
On behalf of all of us, thanks for the update. Sounds like Baxter State Park will be a little more visitor friendly this summer.

01-01-2005, 12:55
I had been warned previously that you had to make reservations at Baxter a few months in advance to be sure to get a spot before starting a SOBO. Does this new rolling reservation system mean that I just have to make the call 10 days prior to my planned start date?

TJ aka Teej
01-01-2005, 15:25
Does this new rolling reservation system mean that I just have to make the call 10 days prior to my planned start date?That's one option, involving the risk that the spot you want might be booked. If you're looking for a weekday before late June, you'll probably be OK waiting. The rolling reservation system basically means you can't book a site more than four months before the date you want. If you want June 4th, you can't try booking it until February 4th. The exception this year is the new opening day - January 18th. If you go to HQ in person that day you will find 20% of the sites at each campground available, and 2 reservations per person will be allowed. If I haven't answered well enough, or you can't get the info off the website, call the Park. The Rangers at the reservation desk are great folks, very well informed, and ready to help.