View Full Version : Deep Gap GA to Wallace Gap

03-12-2004, 15:41
I am planning this hike for next week and I was wondering how many days I should plan for...looks like shelter to shelter would take about 5 days..should I carry 5 days of food..and where is the best place to leave my car.

03-12-2004, 15:44
that should read Dicks Creek to Wallace..no wonder I need help and stay lost most of the time

Ankle Bone
03-12-2004, 16:01
I did it last May and it was 3 days. I think it would be 4 at the most. The only reason I did 3 was that it rained the entire time, and all views were fogged in so less "sit and stare" time.

I left my car at Rainbow Springs and caught a shuttle back to Dicks Creek. You can park there for $5 a day. It's a mile from Wallace Gap to get back to your car -- turn left when you hit the gap and roll down the hill. They will also let you shower there if you want. I think it's $4-5.

Hope you have better weather, but you gotta play the hand you're dealt!

03-12-2004, 17:50
We'll be starting at Springer the week of April 4th, and we're planning to walk the 36.5 miles from Dicks Creek Gap to Wallace Gap in 2.5 days. Of course, we should be in reasonable hiking shape by that time.

Assuming a reasonably early start, how about spending your first night at Muskrat Gap Shelter (11.2 miles), your second night at Carter Gap Shelter (12.5 miles), and finishing with 12.8 miles to Wallace Gap (plus a mile down to Rainbow Springs, although the map says you can park in Wallace Gap).

Alternatively, you could start later in the day and do 4.3 miles to Plumorchard Shelter, and then 12 miles to Standing Indian Shelter, 14.4 miles to Big Spring Shelter (with the steep climb of Albert Mountain at the end), with a nice 6.0 miles down to Wallace Gap.

I understand that parking at Dicks Creek Gap now runs $2/day.

03-12-2004, 19:24
you can also park at the back country information center near standing indian campground.

03-12-2004, 23:02
Def. not what it is cracked up to be....rather dissapointing for length and steepness....but the firetower on top has the potential (not when I was there) for awesome views...and you could hammock in the tower!

03-13-2004, 14:39
Albert Mtn...Def. not what it is cracked up to be....rather disappointing for length and steepness....

It's always interesting to hear multiple perspectives. Everyone kept telling me how terrible the Rollercoaster was in northern Virginia (which it may be when it's 90* and humid), but it wasn't any worse than anything in the Mid-Atlantic states.