View Full Version : Leaving in June of 2009 from Maine..onward

Fog Wilt
09-10-2008, 18:10
To Whomever,
I'm going to be leaving Maine and coming South on a thru-hike in early June of 2009 and I just wanted to see who was out there that might be doing the same thing. I'm 39, male, in good physical condition and am not really going to be in a hurry because more than anything I will be looking forward to shutting down this damn business that I run 7 days a week (having paid my child support 5 years ahead of time) and hopefully lowering my blood pressure 15 points on top and bottom in the process. I'll be coming back to colonoscopies and a heart attack in my 40's so I'll be easy to get along with but will not be getting married a fourth time so you females are safe also. Extensive hiking experience, former Peace Corps Volunteer, etc..Just want some contact with others that might be out there so I can trade info with you over the next 8 months. I'm sure we'll run into one another and I look forward to meeting many of you on the trail. I'm an idiot so if I put this thread in the wrong forum please move it to the right one. I'm from the Deep South so be gentle with me. Thanks.
Sincerely, Fog Wilt
Northwestern Alabama
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