View Full Version : Hilleberg vs. outdoor research tents

09-11-2008, 20:35
I was looking at outdoor research .com new line of tents and couldnt help but notice that there tent design is almost exactly like some of Hilleberg tents. The Hilleberg Nallo g t vs the Andromeda tent although the weight is about one pound heavier the design is almost exact. Then i noticed several other tents by outdoor research were almost exact copies of the hilleberg tents. All weighing more and i am sure the material is the difference for the weigh difference . Both tents are probably excellent winter tents but the time invested in building a hilleberg tent i am sure is more and the quailty is much better. Just thought i would throw this out there for those interested in a great winter tent.

09-11-2008, 20:48
Both Hilleberg and OR are great companies, and I can vouch for the construction of Hilleberg tents, they are amazing. OR is quite new to the tent world, and it usually takes companies a few years to sort themselves out.

The exception being say MSR who bought Walrus and was able to make great products out of the gate cause Walrus was a very successful tent company for many years. Or it can go like Marmot who bought Dana Design and were never really able to build a top end pack despite that.

Saying that, I've never really seen anything by OR that I didn't like to some degree, but in this case I would put my money on Hilleberg.

09-12-2008, 11:48
The designs are similar because of where the tents are designed - Europe. Many of the designs that come out of Europe have attached inner and outer tents and are truly 4 season. The mesh inserts that we see in a lot of American designs are unique in that respect.

In any event, the tents that you mention are actually produced and marketed by Exped. OR has the North American rights to sell Exped and does some re-branding.