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03-12-2004, 23:14
OK, time for another shelter info post. Nopel shelter is on the south side of the Mt Greylock “massif”. That is to say it’s on the shoulder of Saddleball Mountain, the 2nd highest in the state. It’s a typical “Massachusetts” style like Kay Wood and other shelters build beginning in the early ‘80’s. Sleeps about a dozen folks, with bunks and an overhanging loft. There’s a picnic table beneath the overhang and a fire ring out front.

Adjacent to the shelter are 3 tent platforms, and a couple more earthen tent sites. A blue blaze trail to the water is to the left (Trail-east) of the shelter, past the tent sites. In the drier months, you have to forage pretty far downstream to find water at the surface, but it’s there.

Privy is on the hill to the right of the shelter and was moved onto a new hole in 2003.

The shelter has no views, but is within the territory of perhaps the most brazen porcupine in all of New England. Even before it gets dark, this beastie is roaming around the underbrush in front of the shelter, just waiting for things to settle down so he can start shortening his teeth. One of our Ridgerunners tells the story of how he awoke one night to find the critter on his chest—he was sleeping on the top bunk.

This shelter is probably the most remote in the state—that is to say it’s at least two miles from a road crossing, and even further from an AT road crossing. Materials for this shelter were ferried in by helicopter.

05-27-2008, 09:23
Stayed here Sunday 5/25 with 15 other hikers. great shelter! even came with a bow saw :) we cut up some "seasoned" read laying on the ground, wood and built a fire in the huge rock pit. left a stack behind for the next campers.

We tented on one of the 2 wood platforms, although the above post says there are three we never found the third. Plenty of tent spots above and below the shelter.

Water source was running and VERY clear, perfect branch laying across to sit and pump water on. We were apreciative!

Missed the porcupine - but there was a TON of bird activity!!!! we got in early and had lunch and sat quietly on the picnic table and watched all the little birds scratching in the duff and eating the bugs. Very cool!

08-31-2008, 07:36
I was at the Noepel shelter a couple of nights ago and found a pair of eyeglasses in a case. If you lost em, reply with inof on how to get em back to you and I'll send them along.

06-13-2012, 20:28
Saturday June 16, Nopel is getting a new metal roof and skylight. Come join in the festivities. Jones' Nose parking area, Mt Greylock at 9am.


08-23-2012, 15:36
Enjoyed that new metal roof this past Friday. Thunder rumbled as we climbed the last mile northbound and everyone quickened their step. We arrived just in time for the heavens to open up in a solid downpour. Of course, this offered the chance for a quick shower and laundry.

On that day, it was just the five of us and dog plus two weekenders out for their first time on the trail. A good time was had by all. Shelter was in great shape though pretty dirty, probably from the dry dirt around the bottom of the picnic table. All in all, we had a good stay and my wife made sure it was all cleaned up for the next hikers.:)

Lady Grey
08-23-2012, 17:32
A friend and I had planned to stay there on our MA section hike earlier this month. A big storm was threatening and we opted to push on for Bascom Lodge, at the top of Greylock. I'd put in a shout out for Bascom... $35 for a bunk (complete with sheets, pillow, etc.), great showers, and a fun place to stay. We were so glad to be inside that night, watching the storm from the top of Greylock. First shower in 6 days and wow, was that nice!