View Full Version : Max Patch tent sites

09-14-2008, 22:40
Can one pitch a tent in Max Patch anywhere as long as its out of sight of trail or are there designated tentsites? I would like to hike 2DAYS during the spring when wildflowers are in bloom up there, would that late April or some time in May?

Gray Blazer
09-14-2008, 22:42
You can pitch right on top of the mountain. If you want a fire and some trees just go a little north and there are some fine tent sites.

Tennessee Viking
09-14-2008, 23:30
There is tent site just north of the Max Patch summit as you enter the trees. And a small spring at the bottom at the old berry patch.

People do camp on the top but fires is prohibited I think.

Just be warned that it will get crowded in April, and that bears do frequent Max Patch for food bags.

09-21-2008, 21:34
I've always been a fan of the site at the base of the hill on the north side. You'll see a nice large tree and an old fence. I think it has water too. You can also find some sites not too far off of the AT on the Max Patch loop trail on the south side.

Also, continue north for 30-45 minutes from the summit and you'll come to a creek and a sign that says water. There is a nice but small site there. Just a few more minutes will bring you to the new Roaring Fork Shelter which is very nice. It is starting to get some bear activity though.