View Full Version : Quary Gap Shelter & Wertzville Road Tunnel

09-14-2008, 23:57
Hello! Hiked Pine Grove to Caledonia September 11th through the 12th. Had an excellent Hike! Stayed at the Quary gap Shelter and found it clean and neat. The spring was producing some water and I was able to collect water from a small rock pool created at the run off location.

The tunnel under Wertzville Road appears close to completition. The tunnel is in place, but landscaping is still ongoing. The new route for the trail is orange blazed but not cleared as of September 13th. The AT still crosses Wertzville and is still as exciting as ever at current! Looking forward to using the new tunnel!:sun


09-24-2008, 13:52
Quick update! September 24th, I hiked out to the on going AT tunnel project. The tunnel appears in place, but it appears that the workers are still working on the drainage and landscaping to allow the AT to go into the tunnel. At current the trail still goes out around and across Wertzville Road.