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09-15-2008, 14:28
It's that time of year and the orange army is headed to the woods. Most of the Long Trail lands are open to hunting. Dates for individual seasons located here-


The big danger is obviously during deer rifle season 11/15-11/30 and muzzleloader is 12/6-12/14 but most hiking is wrapped up by then. However, moose season is 10/18-10/23 and then a second season in 10/25-11/2. Bear season 9/1-11/19.

Be careful especially close to the roads including the class 4, side trails and private camp areas. You can buy cheap construction safety orange vests at any hardware store, but I recommend putting on more than the vest. Cabelas sells safety orange pack covers and just about any outdoor stores sells the orange hats.

Good luck out there!

09-15-2008, 15:12
thanks. will be on long trail later this week, and hadn't thought about at least wearing an orange hat!

09-15-2008, 20:38
Being an avid sportsman as well a an avid hiker/backpacker I could offer a few more bits of safety when hiking in the fall.

As one of the most important rules in hunter safety "be sure of your target and what beyond" unfortunately not everyone abides by it. One thing you can do is talk loudly, do not break branches or walk off of the trail if you can help it. NEVER where brown or white, and always wear a blaze orange vest!