View Full Version : from Clingman's Dome to Fontana Dam

09-15-2008, 18:09
Any must-see spots in this area? We'll have some extra time and don't mind getting off the AT for some great sights. Any suggestions?

09-15-2008, 18:21
Mt. LeConte, 16 miles round trip from the AT. Very worth it.

Hikes in Rain
09-15-2008, 19:17
Don't know if you have the time, but if you do, drop off the AT on the Welsh Ridge Trail, between Double Spring Gap and Silers Bald shelters. Follow down to High Rocks, where there used to be a fire tower on a jut of rock over the Hazel Creek drainage basin. I'm talking from stories, since I haven't done it yet, but the view from the AT in that area was incredible, and I can only assume the view from the cabin (still on the prominence) is even better. There are a couple of campsites (75 and 82) if you'd like to make it an additional day.

If you do it, post pictures. Please?