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09-16-2008, 11:25
I am sooooo excited, I'm planning my first hike on the A.T. - starting in Waynesboro October 7 or 8 and ending up at the north end of SNP Oct. 16 or 17th.
I am trying to figure out the very best way to get from the end of the trail back to the Shenandoah airport to pick up a car for the final two days I'll have in Virginia.
My ideal itinerary would be to spend the night of Oct. 15 at Gravel Springs Hut and then get picked up late day on the 16th, but I'd be open to overnighting at Tom Floyd Wayside and getting picked up where the road intersects the A.T. (U.S. 522 I think) and get picked up early on Oct. 17. Since I am flying home to Canada on the 19, I'd really like to have all day on the 17 and 18th to see some of the areas caves, civil war memorials, etc.
Oh one more question...is Calf Mountain Hut really as bad as I've read in terms of there being mice and rats? If yes, are there places nearby where I can put up my tarptent..I'm a little phobic about the thought of a mouse or rat running across me during the night).

09-17-2008, 12:01
Welcome to White Blaze.

Contact SKyline here on White Blaze for a shuttle possibility in that area.
The Shenandoah Valley is a great place to exolore. I like Luray Caverns - might check that out.

You can make it from Gravel Spring Hut to Rt 522, no problem.

And yes, there is tenting at Calf Mtn. Most shelters have mice in them (unless there is a resident snake - !). Some have other critters as well. Tenting is the best way to avoid it all and Shenandoah has designated tenting areas near each shelter. Be sure though you have a backcountry camping permit - required in the park (and rangers check). There is a self registration station as you walk into the park on the trail. And bring money for food in the park, kind of expensive but is a nice diversion.
Nice time to be in the park.

09-19-2008, 10:25
Thanks for the welcome and response. I'll definitely check out the Luray Caverns - they look beautiful.
Not so much thanks for the info about the possibility of snakes :)..not sure which I dislike more..lol