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Hammock Hanger
10-15-2002, 21:10
When Hikerhead and I swam, oh I mean hiked, into the Partnership Shelter today there was a SOBO Thru-hiking Dog. He is a lab mix, his name is "White Blaze", due to the perfect white blaze on his chest.

As soon as I get back home and get the pic developed I will post it to the gallery.


Hammock Hanger

Former Admin
10-15-2002, 21:34
Thats too ironic. While talking to my mom over the weekend I mention this site to her and told her the name was White Blaze. She said, "what did you name it after your dog". My dogs name was Blaze and she was a white Samoyed Siberian Huskie mutt. Obviously my mom knew nothing about the white blazes along the trail and I needed to give her a little education.

The Weasel
10-15-2002, 22:36
Well, I have to admit that if you're gonna name a dog after the Trail, "White Blaze" is a whole lot nicer than, say, "Rut"! :D

The Weasel