View Full Version : Review of 2000 miles to Maine

03-15-2004, 01:11
This last Thursday at the EMS at 591 Broadway, NYC was a public screening of 2000 Miles to Maine. The movie had a fairly light comical tone. In the beginning, we saw a thru-hiker that picked up a stray dog. When ever the hiker put the dog's pack on he would growl and try to bite the hiker. The movie's focused was on one hiker that they filmed at three or four sections of the trail. I felt it gave an acurate slice of the social, athletic, and emotional aspects of the trail. As much I enjoyed the movie it could use an introduction to some trail terms that might be confusing to the uninitiated. I also would have like to see more SOBO's ( I'll always be a Southbounder at heart.) All in all I loved it, and got so nostalgic I was holding back the tears.